About Us

Kilimanjaro Advisors is uniquely positioned as a private investment management firm with a specialized focus on investing in the floating rate corporate loan market. With 25+ years experience investing across leveraged credit cycles—and a 20+ year history of working together—Kilimanjaro has developed a strong track record and unique culture.

Kilimanjaro has a strict focus on the floating rate corporate loan market. The floating rate loan market is an institutional only market, with liquidity, transparency, and market standardization terms that differ from traditional fixed income. As a result, Kilimanjaro believes a specialized focus is essential for navigating the market.

Kilimanjaro takes an active stance in evaluating and investing in loans. The lens for both sourcing and vetting opportunities, including a careful assessment of a company’s underlying assets, credit risk, and yield, enables the firm’s principals to find and carefully assess opportunities. Kilimanjaro has built the operational, compliance, and risk infrastructure necessary to invest in floating rate loans.

With an unmatched team and track record, specialized investing focus, and deep commitment to investors, Kilimanjaro Advisors has developed a unique culture and investing approach.